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Wozniacki spent her day off from the tournament with Lee in Paris on Thursday.The duo were spotted holding hands while walking in a park.Wozniacki and Lee, who is currently without an basketball club, began dating in February.She revealed the relationship with a snap of the roses he had sent her for Valentine’s Day.Neither is being the older, wiser guy among a group of defensemen, the one that rookies look to for guidance and advice.Both of those roles suit the adaptable Quincey, signed by the Wild on July 1 to lend some experience to the third pair patrolling the blue line.The Dane, 27, visited Venice, Sardinia and Portofino as she recovered from her fourth round loss.She was in the European country with her NBA star boyfriend David Lee, 34, who towers over her at 6ft 8ins.

Before camp began, the coach said three other defensemen — Reilly, Olofsson and Ryan Murphy — also were in the mix for the top six spots. Though he is a lefthanded shot, he is slotted to play on the right side, because both Reilly and Olofsson are lefties.“I’m so happy to be a part of this team,” Quincey said.“I think we have a great opportunity here to do some special things.” Brad Marchand scored in the fourth round of a shootout, and the Boston Bruins beat Montreal 4-3 on Saturday night after the Canadiens lost Phillip Danault to a head injury on a frightening play in the second period.“There is no right way to end a relationship that has been so important to two people,” Mc Ilroy said in a statement reported by CNN. Being the new guy isn’t anything unusual for Kyle Quincey.

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Caroline Wozniacki has a fan in the crowd: San Antonio Spurs player David Lee.

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