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To view this message please click here” That is the same as saying click to go to this website. (This is a legitimate, but hacked, website about the human gut.) Of course we asked the Zulu URL Risk Analyzer to check out the website and file we were advised to visit.

Much to our surprise Zulu told us it was completely harmless.

The domain was registered on October 7 by someone named Almus Darrin from Crillon, France.

All the same red flags apply here as they did above.

There is, in fact, a real business called Tru Dog selling dog products but this isn’t it. And the company is certainly not located in Costa Rica.

How can we go a week without being offered a coupon or rewards balance points?

Congressional virus #2: Runs every program on the hard drive simultaneously, but doesn't allow the user to accomplish anything.

Donald Trump virus: No matter what file you open, crap pours out.

Because sleep disturbances are common in childhood, almost every parent will have to deal with a child's sleeptime problems at some point.

This guide offers information on sleep in children from birth through adolescence.

The book answers common questions from parents, and provides advice on preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, getting infants to sleep through the night, and solving sleep-wake problems.

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But the webpage was created by someone identified as [email protected] “Maintain your life’s balance with yoga.” And “5 yoga poses that will slim you down.” Look closer at this email and you’ll see lots of red flags that should raise suspicions…

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