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@az90 ..i gave it up at ep 12.better not to start at all coz kdramaland offers bunch of dramas ton times better Still can't believe that Sung Joon is 25 years old. Sung-Joon sshi, I hope you will be in the top 10 and favourite of 2016. The chemistry between sung joon and Han Ye Seul is so funny and interesting. Worth watching which is not only about boys girls relationship issues but all aspects of life.

@Mira I can't wait until you get old so people will point at you how old and terrible you are. It's ridiculous to point out an actress's age or if she is paired with younger men when their is many dramas and movies with unattractive or average older men with much younger girls and no one seems to point that out and just enjoy the show for what it is.

Sung Joon did a good job for being mean and lovely. He is fine if you understand korean and he did a good job to feed the role.

DAEBAK oppa, wish to see the next series soon despite the fact that the lead is not my type. Liked Sung Joon in High Society but not in this drama. She probably didn't mention that she was stood up from a musical but he immediately knew about it. That's why she was smiling broadly when he asked that, and she figured it all out right then. I like it....though i prefer sung joon's hairstyle in High Society.

Although some of them might be older than the others, they are still really good dramas which you will definitely enjoy watching. I have been watching Running Man since it started airing and it is the best variety show!

I am watching some of the newer ones which have just started airing a few weeks back and I will share my thoughts with you after I have finish watching them. I can definitely assure you that you will laugh a lot.

I can feel the show's effort to make it easy and entertaining for the viewers.

Ko Hye-Rim (Han Ye-Seul) is a famous fortune-teller. This drama started good and really had a huge potential as it progressed, it started to fall all over the place. I do think that the script was written haphazardly and the editing was done poorly.

She is known as "Madame Antoine" and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette, but that part is a lie. One thing that bothered me a lot is the psychologist's office.

The leading actress getting so old in this drama and don't like the feeling that she married with child falls for a young proud psychiatrist. KST slot, after the re-broadcasting of the drama “Padam Padam.” Source NAVER @[email protected] I know, always second lead.

If he continues to have acting projects, and work hard, who knows, our Jinwoonie will end up the male lead someday!

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