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Immediately, I turned to scheming how to convince the rest of our family that this was a good idea. Upstairs, there’s a breakfast bar with glittering digital turntables, while about ten half-naked men and women partake in varying degrees of petting on mattresses laid out on the floor.

“And at places like this — because this isn’t the only place where people don’t have to wear bathing suits — they sometimes just walk around without any clothes on, because it’s hot and it’s nice to be comfortable.” I said this as casually as I could. “These camps are called ‘clothing-optional resorts’ and that means that they don’t have to wear clothes, unless they want to.” He chuckled a bit, visualizing the display. With witnesses moving through the space she screams pleasurably, then moans while her companion vigorously fingers her.

Dead fish littered the beaches and the whole town stunk. “De Anza Springs is one of the largest clothing-optional resorts in North America.” I said it with my announcer voice, for comic effect, because I couldn’t imagine that Katie would go. “Trump was attacking all the values that made America great,” Saynt wrote.

I scoured a free camping magazine for more options. She was not known for adventure and while she’d been to clothing-optional women’s festivals, I couldn’t imagine my lesbian separatist lover consenting to even one evening including naked men. Concerned recent LGBTQ rights legislation would be rolled back, Saynt continued: “I could see what was coming, a new regime ready to …

“Our goal is to spread positive messages about sex and cannabis, and to help educate people so they can become enlightened to their sexuality and to cannabis as a medicine,” Saynt said in a much quieter Clubhouse one afternoon a few days before the party.

With the average member 28 years old, there’s a not-your-grandpa’s-sex-club element to NSFW, along with a sign-of-the-times digital marketing component heavily reliant on social media promotions.

Around October, my partner Katie and I took a weekend RV ride to scout the right camping spot for the New Year’s trip, which would include the two of us, my nine-year-old son Caleb, his dad, Richard, and our friend Joni. First, we stayed at a big RV park in the Coachella Valley. That is, she can only stand cotton next to her skin. Just over a year ago, Saynt stepped down from his perch atop Socialyte – a digital marketing agency he co-founded with his ex-wife Beca Alexander – to run NSFW, which he founded three years ago, full time. More nude people were playing volleyball in the background. If people wanted to be naked — and he didn’t have to — that was okay with him. The family was sitting in a booth, on towels, all naked. A woman with red hair and tasteful tattoos is being tied up. “See, look.” I opened another brochure that showed two adults and a child chatting, all nude. “Well, only for swimming.” Caleb was already a live-and-let-live kind of guy. He was nodding, with reasonable enthusiasm, until we opened a brochure in which a family of four was dining in the camp’s restaurant. I’d been worried about kooky behavior on New Year’s Eve 1999, so we headed for a place where all the kookies were pretty normal. When I asked Caleb if he would go to a place like De Anza again, he said, “What? In the basement, next to a king-size bed with a mirrored headboard, mistresses are dominating their submissive male partners, teasingly stroking their penises, squeezing their testicles and pinching their nipples.They were nice folks, and it didn’t feel like the right place for our family celebration. I’d been to nudist camps and events on a few occasions, but as we drove, my enthusiasm increased. His client list has also included Lord & Taylor, Coach, Estée Lauder, and Condé Nast.The next day, we drove by Salton Sea, a natural Dead Sea-like phenomenon that fascinated me as a child, but by 1999, something wasn’t right. After taking on duties as “Chief Conspirator” of NSFW, he penned a post on his website titled “How Trump Inspired Me To Quit Fashion and Create ‘New York City’s Most Elite Private Sex Club,’” which NSFW was anointed by Maxim.

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the “How to Ask for Sex” course – or be excommunicated entirely.

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