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"I was trying to decide whether to stick it out in Chicago or go back home. In the interview, Kumail then began citing lines from some of his favorite Hugh Grant rom coms, including interview. When Emily and I were dating for a few months she got really sick, and it's sort of about that period in time." Emily's illness occurred in March of 2007 when she was 27 years old, roughly ten years prior to the movie's release.

couple had not broken up before the real-life Emily went into her coma.

However, they were living in a different city than they do in true story confirms that the real Emily Gordon was miserable when she came out of the coma, despite those around her feeling very happy she was awake.

"So [the movie] is sort of a romantic comedy of me and Emily, and then the middle part of the movie is a romantic comedy between me and her parents." In real life, Kumail did briefly meet Emily's parents once before she fell ill. One of actress Holly Hunter's best moments in the movie is when her character defends Kumail against a racist frat-boy heckler at his comedy show.

It marks the moment that we first visibly see her dislike for Kumail begin to change.

Kumail had previously promised them he would enter into an arranged marriage with a Pakistani woman.

He avoided their calls for the first few days that Emily was in a coma, because he knew he would have to tell them he had a non-Muslim girlfriend.

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