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Carol tongue-kissed Andy, plastering her body against his, then turned to Fred and kissed him, just as hard and dirty. "Two studs." She put her hands on the men's crotch bulges. Carol said, "This is our floor." She led Andy and Fred out of the elevator and down the hall. "So am I." She pushed the door open and they went into the room. Its white leaf pattern over translucent fabric revealed tantalizing glimpses of her dark brown areolas. "Let me know when you're ready." He turned to Carol. Come get it, before it melts." Andy watched in fascination as Carol licked up and down Fred's stiff pole and sucked his balls, then took his cock-head and shaft in her mouth. Carol alternated between Andy and Fred, getting one man close to a climax, then switching to the other. I want to watch." "Okay, Babe." Fred caught Andy in a bear hug and kissed him with frightening intensity. She'd stopped masturbating and was holding her pussy open with two fingers. "You get distracted sometimes." "I always come back." "I know." Carol crooked a finger at Andy. I'll be getting my share, soon enough." Fred pushed Andy to his knees between Carol's spread thighs. I'm a greedy little girl--" "You look pretty big to me." Andy looked up from Carol's gaping pussy and swollen clit, shiny with her juices and his saliva, lingered briefly on her big brown breasts, with her puffy nipples and broad dark chocolate areolas, and finally settled on her face. "And really sexy too." "Okay, I'm a greedy big girl." She laughed again.

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When Carol stopped in front of a door, Andy tore his eyes away from her shapely ass and looked at Fred. As the door closed, Carol took Andy in her arms and kissed him passionately, flattening her breasts against his chest and grinding her crotch into the bulge in his pants. "So do you." He slipped his hands down to her buttocks and kneaded them while they kissed. He hadn't been with many women, but she was special--totally attuned to her body, and her desires. "Guess you like chocolate." "I sure like you." She flashed a wicked smile. "I'll risk it." "That's the spirit." She unfastened the half-bra and dropped it on top of her blouse. "Don't be afraid to look at my tits." She cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. "I know how much you want me." She unbuttoned his sports shirt. Then, Carol unfastened his belt buckle and undid his fly. Fred and Andy stared at each other while their swollen knobs rubbed against each other in Carol's hot wet mouth. Fred let Andy go and stepped back, then gripped his stiff shaft just below his cock-head and aimed his rod at Andy. His balls tightened as he rubbed his precum-leaking tip in a tiny circle around Fred's cum-slit. "You guys are so hot." She slowly moved her middle and index fingers in and out of her pussy while she watched the men. "You're pretty damn hot yourself, Baby." He turned back to Andy and kissed him. He pulled her open and plunged his tongue into her depths, making her buck and moan. She screamed and thrashed, coming violently as he licked and sucked her little bud while sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy. "I want your big vanilla cock in my tight chocolate pussy--" "I can handle that." "Sexy Baby." She ran her fingers over his crewcut.

Her muscular buttocks, undulating under the tight dress, were hypnotic. It was three times the size of Andy's room, with a bar, a sitting area, and a bed big enough for four. "Once you go black, you'll never go back." She took the blouse off and dropped it on an easy chair. After you've been with me, vanilla pussy will never be the same." Andy tried to keep his eyes on Carol's face. She squeezed his balls and bobbed on his rod until he was breathing hard and rolling his hips. Finally, she took both men's cock-heads in her mouth, kissing, licking, and sucking them while stroking their rigid staffs. Andy kissed him back fiercely, thrusting and parrying the big black man's aggressive tongue. Its lips, framed by her closely-trimmed curly black pubic hair, were darker than the skin surrounding it, and its interior was a shocking bright pink, glistening with moisture. "Now, give the lady what she wants." Andy kissed Carol--starting with her hot hungry mouth, then her face, throat, breasts, belly, and on down between her legs, nibbling her pussy lips, and flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue. "You do that good." She put fingers on either side of her pussy and pulled its lips open wider, exposing her clit. "And I'm going to get a lot more from my Vanilla Stud." "I've sure got more." Andy's pole was rock-hard and his balls were painfully tight. " Carol bent forward to look at his erection and smiled.

I've never done anything like that." "I want you either way." She slid her hand up his thigh. "I think you like what you see." "You know it." "Yeah. Her panties had the same leaf over translucent fabric design as her bra and was just as concealing . "Nice pole you got there." Carol wrapped her hand around Andy's hard-on and rubbed her thumb and index finger over its head.

"I want you to look at my tits." Her eyes drifted down to his crotch. "I want you just as badly." His stiff cock sprang up when she pushed his slacks and briefs down around his ankles. After staring at Fred's outstretched pole for a few seconds, Andy gripped his own pole and pressed his cock-head against Fred's. Andy and Fred stood face-to-face, almost touching, and rubbed the super-sensitive tips of their cocks against each other. Carol took her panties off, leaned back in one of the easy chairs, and spread her legs. "I like vanilla, but most white guys don't turn me on near as much as you do." Andy kept rubbing his cock against Fred's. "You're going to handle it really good." She bent further forward and kissed him.

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