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Suggestions include “The Lord exalts” and “The Lord establishes,” but a more likely proposal is “The Lord throws,” either in the sense of “hurling” the prophet into a hostile world or of “throwing down” the nations in divine judgment for their sins.

Habakkuk was a contemporary, and Obadiah may have been also.

Many of the poems are believed to have been written in 16, during a period of great personal distress and strife for Donne who suffered a combination of physical, emotional, and financial hardships during this time.

This was also a time of personal religious turmoil as Donne was in the process of conversion from Roman Catholicism to Anglicanism, and would take holy orders in 1615 despite profound reluctance and significant self-doubt about becoming a priest.

In 1962, Lieutenant General Leslie Groves (1896–1970) wrote to Oppenheimer about the origin of the name, asking if he had chosen it because it was a name common to rivers and peaks in the West and would not attract attention.

Why I chose the name is not clear, but I know what thoughts were in my mind.

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Stringer proposed that there were three sequences for the sonnets.

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