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They say it’s evidence Byfuglien was parked in the press box due to his performance in Winnipeg’s first two defeats rather than his health." Jets coach Paul Maurice dismissed such thoughts, telling Bell that Byfuglien has received treatment for a soft-tissue injury before heading out on his adventure: "Just a little bit jealous, but no issue at all," the coach said. And here's the full post on the fishing trip from Bar Down.

Byfuglien, by the way, isn't a stranger to big fish photos. Strib Sports Upload is where you’ll see what other people are saying about Minnesota sports.

When a toilet is flushed, the sewage should flow into a septic tank or into a system connected to a sewage treatment plant.

Poor people in low-income countries often have no toilets at all and resort to open defecation instead.

This is part of the sanitation crisis which international initiatives such as World Toilet Day draw attention to.

People use different toilet types based on the country that they live in.

In developing countries, access to toilets is also related to people's socio-economic status.

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They can be set up for a sitting posture or for a squatting posture (squat toilet).

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