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From the depths of the hall someone called Brando, and he turned abruptly to the other side of the elbow to the head of Marilyn.Marlon Brando once was apologizing that it was not on purpose, to Marilyn Monroe, in response, she looked at him and said, Brand came to Marilyn and the dream of every young American of the time realized.Seeing Brando in the Hollywood producers noted actor who attracted the attention of the viewer, despite the wild and unbalanced character.The nature of Brando, who combined a primal force of the spirit, aroused enthusiasm of youth.Suddenly, Marlon Brando came to the table of Anna, where she sat with an associate producer and A. Long black hair on the background of a beautiful dark skin attracted Anne Kashf Marlon Brando, and after talking with her, he fell in love and began dating her.Anna did not feel the strength of the relationship, because often after their meetings, Brando suddenly could disappear, but after quarrels could disappear for weeks and suddenly call in the night to apologize." Role in the film "A Streetcar Named" Desire "for Brando was the end of his career as an actor of a theater stage, he devoted himself entirely to work in movies.When Marlon Brando lived in New York, I often visited the "Carnegie Hall" and sometimes went into an acting studio to chat with the girls.

Their last conversation took place a few days before her death.

neighbors to each other, there was talk that it is easier to meet Mrs. I stayed in the memory of a scene worthy of a great movie. But she is still waiting for my first success, the role of Stanley Kowalski in "Streetcar" Desire. .." I was annoyed all these Hollywood beauties, long before I began to act in films.

mother came home drunk, called cats in my bedroom and gave them sedatives. "And then she told me:" You know, Bath, the best in this performance of his name - "Streetcar" Desire "... I fell in love only once in Arletty, after looking" Comedians. I went to Paris, where he met with the French star.

This delay was the reason that Brando in a hurry cleaned implications night party.

On the road from the airport, they drove the car in silence, Brando could not stand it first: Anna turned to him and gave a strong slap in the face, saying to him: "You do it yourself advised." The rest of the road they drove on in silence.

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